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Jenelle Evans And David Eason Spark Controversy With Latest Video

Published By Kez On 10th Dec 2023 at 3:14 pm

Jenelle Evans And David Eason Spark Controversy With Latest Video (A Must Read) 

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Jenelle Evans and husband David Eason spark controversy with latest video fans. The “Teen Mom 2” is in the news once again for making another what is allegedly poor decision. The reality TV star’s latest foray into TV is a series of parenting videos what a wow! 

However, The woman who should probably stay away from giving anyone advise on anything is handing out parenting advice. For quite some time now, Jenelle Evans has been teasing us about a few upcoming projects. As she waited for her contract with MTV to end, she focuses on her YouTube. 

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‘Teen Mom’ Alum Jenelle Evans And Husband David Eason Spark Controversy With Latest Video 

Jenelle Evans teased a behind-the-scenes clip look of she and David Eason on the set of their new show. They were sharing advice on what parents can do to keep their kids entertained while they travel. Jenelle can be heard saying “you have to have the iPads charged and make sure you have games downloaded onto the iPad because we don’t have internet” before Eason cuts her off to talk about a clip of the popular cartoon “The Simpsons”. 


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I cannot begin to say how happy I am that everyone got along today! If you’ve been following my story since I was 16, you would think this day would never come! Home cooked meal by my mom, David having normal conversations with my mom, dyed some eggs with the kiddos, and hunted for more eggs. Today couldn’t have went any better. Here’s to new beginnings! 🐰💓 Again #HappyEaster to all of you!

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Jenelle Evans Teased A New Project, Backlash Was Immediately Received 

Social media goes wild as the post was shared by Instagram “Teen Mom” fan account @tmmamadrama it immediately had fans concerned for whoever plans on taking advice from the parents. 

“This is like Helen Keller giving makeup tips” said one follower. Another echoed their sentiments, “Why would anyone take parenting advice from parents whose children were taken by Child Protective Services? These two are delusional, as is anyone else involved in this “project”. 

Jenelle Evans and David Eason have had a rough go of it the past few years the couple had their kids taken away for a long period of time last year. 

David Eason And Jenelle Evans Are Not The Best Parenting Role Models ? 

Jenelle Evans And David Eason Spark Controversy With Latest Video

Okay, here nobody is perfect, but however Jenelle Evans is also in an ongoing battle with her mom Barb for custody of the first son she gave up rights to Jace, 11. Since Jace, Evans has had two more kids Kaiser, 5 with ex Nathan Griffith and Ensley, 3 the daughter she shares with husband Eason. 

David Eason has a daughter from a previous relationship Maryssa, 11. In the past, the couple have blamed a lot of their predicaments on their association with MTV. Janelle Evans has also shared that she believes that MTV has held her back. She was famously quoted saying that she is no longer a teenager and doesn’t want to be associated with a show about teen mothers now that she is almost 30. 

Jenelle Evans And David Eason Have One Supporter ? 

Jenelle Evans spoke about a major deal she was hoping to seal after her MTV contract was up just a few months ago. However, one thing is for sure, there has been backlash

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The photographer for the show, Penny Chevalley has come out and defend working with the controversial couple. 

“You don’t pay my bills. You don’t get to have an opinion on what I do. That’s the bottom line. That’s all I’m going to say on the subject,” said Penny Chevalley

Jenelle Evans Under Fire For Allegedly Running Fake Charity Scam 

Jenelle Evans who decided to raise money for children in need – but the public isn’t so sure that’s what’s actually happening, people claimed. 

The 28-year-old ‘Jenelle’ recently joined “Cameo” – a platform when you can buy video messages from various celebrities (at various prices). Jenelle Evans said “all of the money” she made during her $75, 30-second virtual appearances on April 17th and 18th went to help the No Kid Hungry Foundation

Nonetheless, it has been five days since the promotion ended, and one outlet said that – as of Wednesday – “No Kid Hungry reportedly not received a dime from Evans”, even her followers were skeptical. No confirmation has been officially, it’s based on fans claims and media wide range. 

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