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6ix9ine – Gine

Published By Kez On 10th Dec 2023 at 4:01 pm

6ix9ine – GINÉ MP3 Download 

6ix9ine – GINÉ MP3 Download

Multi talented hip hop artist “6ix9ine” dropped a new song titled “GINE”, stream and download it here on Naijafindmp3


GINÉ is a song released by 6ix9ine; an artist, rapper, singer and song writer. This is a hip hop music and when we say hip hop we meant the backing music for rap, the musical style incorporating rhythmic and/or rhyming speech that became the movement’s most lasting and influential art form. Sometimes fans of other country choose to call it foreign music instead of hip hop, our top 100 songs are mainly songs of this nature.

However, this style of music is popular among United States blacks and Hispanic origin. You can also download other related songs we published here to update your playlist. See the song details below;

Song Details

Review: 6ix9ine – Gine 

It’s a good music with a kick beat bent in hip hop and rap vocals and it’s currently trending. Click here to download “latest hip hop songs”.


They be saying this and that
all that shit is cap.
Pull up on them real life
like where the energy at?

I shot you. I robbed you
And y’all didn’t do nothing back
Remember that, n***a’s lack
Y’all didn’t do nothing back, but make tracks
suck d*ck n***a, eat my sack

Download 6ix9ine – Gine mp3

I shout at all y’all rappers, real life no cap.
The feds charged me for that, whole fucking case
So eat a d*ck little n***a
Dont watch my face

Aint no bitty bad
Run up on a n***a, gimme that
Where your jewelry at?
Stupid little n***a, gimme that.
Where your blicky at?
Pull up on em’ make it brrrrrraaaaaattt

Bitch you know that when I see you, we gonna make it brrrrrraaaaaattt
I’ve got this flicky flicky flicky shot
Make em milly rock
Silly blicky called it glizzy shop
Made em’ bitty bop

Still be posted by the chicken spot
Cause my city hot
Signing stuff, that shit cost SHHH!
Pop this fool, then blick your shot (???)

I got this Micky, Micky, Mobby, Mobby, Moppy, Mop, Mop
Look, you can catch a shot, shot, shot, shot, shot,
Watch your world drop, drop, drop, drop, drop,
I got the game on lock, lock, lock, lock, lock,

Ring around the rosie, still keep it on me
F*ck a little semi n***a, im coming with this chopper
Bullet that just hit him, he won’t make it to the doctor
Steel up in his body, kick his head like its soccer

6ix9ine – Gine mp3

Your man got shot and you made a diss track
Go get a gun and get some get-back
Your man got shot, he not coming back
Go get a gun and get some get-back

You a b*tch, I know you wouldn’t rob for your homie
I knew you wouldn’t ride by your doley
They be on my d*ck, but if you know me then you know me
Couple chains, good trip in the rolly too swoley

Big watch, big cuban, talk weird, send addy
My guys come in
No smiles, no games, fun where
Got a day, can’t get away, fun where

( I got this Micky, Micky, Mobby, Mobby, Moppy, Mop, Mop
Look, you can catch a shot, shot, shot, shot, shot,
Watch your world drop, drop, drop, drop, drop,
I got the game on lock, lock, lock, lock, lock, ) X2

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